The XDOG ™ weight vest is a patent-pending weight vest for dogs that uses sand-filled weights evenly dispersed across the body and designed to help build muscle, improve speed, performance, stamina, reduce obesity, improve mental focus, reduce anxiety and improve cardiovascular health in your dog.

Secure Snug Fit Guaranteed (No movement or rocking side to side- please use guide to order to ensure) - The XDOG Vest uses a patented pending design that molds to your dogs body securely and evenly during movement preventing injury and discomfort on your dog.


• Front Shoulder Weight Placement - The XDOG Vest is the only vest on the market today that features front shoulder weight placement allowing them to build stronger muscle and strength on the front legs for improving explosive takeoff and speed. Don't expect to see this feature on other dog weight vests. Many of them have ignored the front legs completely with weight placement only placed on the back.

• Safe Sand-Filled Weights - The use of metal weights can be dangerous on your dog not only causing heavy pressure on their backs but also can cause injury if your dog falls incorrectly.  The XDOG Vest does NOT uses metal weights, instead we use sand-filled weights that mold and shape your dogs body naturally. 

• No Weights on Spine - The XDOG Vest does not feature any weight placement on your dog's spine. This can cause pain, discomfort and injury. 

• High quality, light-weight material - The XDOG Vest is built for durability during workout however it's material is lightweight and doesn't weigh down the dog. The vest is also water-proof. 

1 Set of weight bags are included 

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XDOG ™ Weight Vest


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***Please note: though the products we carry are 100% natural and safe, we recommend before administering any products we carry to your dog ensure they are in good health and you have discussed with your veterinarian any pre-existing conditions whereby any of the ingredients contained may adversely affect your dogs health and well being. Lecka Canine Total Health accepts no responsibility or liability***

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