XDog ™ Parachute

SKU: XDogChute

The XDOG Parachute is an innovative training tool that can be attached to the XDOG Vest to maximize acceleration and top running speed through resistance training. Training with the XDOG Parachute offers an efficient way to build explosive speed and agility with your dog. The XDOG Parachute allows you to incorporate parachute sprints into a HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine.  The XDOG Parachute offers approximately 15-30 lbs of speed building resistance.  Take any running or sprint workout to the next level with the XDOG Parachute! 


• Easily attaches to XDOG Vest
• Helps add additional resistance training using natural wind
• Improve overall health, exercise, muscle, strength and power.

*To be used only with the XDOG Vest.

***Please note: though the products we carry are 100% natural and safe, we recommend before administering any products we carry to your dog ensure they are in good health and you have discussed with your veterinarian any pre-existing conditions whereby any of the ingredients contained may adversely affect your dogs health and well being. Lecka Canine Total Health accepts no responsibility or liability***

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