The Pebble is a curb link dog collar custom made for small dogs. Strong stainless steel luxury and high quality small dog collar guaranteed to last a lifetime. The Pebble dog collar is one of the most unique models in the LiL' Dog Chains with an alternating rocky inlay.

The Pebble dog collar is made of solid 316L marine grade stainless steel using.0.5 inch wide curb links. Enjoy the quality and durability of Big Dog Chains for your small dog. The Pebble dog collar is custom fitted, designed and guaranteed to be reliable and functional dog collar jewelry for a lifetime. This dog collar model is only available for dogs with neck sizes 7 inch (17 cm) to 14 inch (35 cm) in diameter to maximize performance and style. 

The Pebble dog collar uses our custom patent pending LiL Dog Clasp® closure technology. Each collar is handmade by professional jewelers in Canada and rigorously tested. Each dog collar is assembled, sized and finished for each order.

Neck Diameter

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