SKU: Neonpink

The Neon pink dog collar uses Big Dog Chains' custom strong stainless steel design built strong for large dogs with a unique pink color finish on the collar. Now you can take advantage of the strength of our collars and a unique pink color finish. The Neon dog collar's finish is an extremely tough and abrasion resistant pink ceramic coating.

This coating is a military grade finish that offers the highest level of wear resistance. This allows you to customize your new Big Dog Chains collar with a high quality and durable finish.

The Neon is custom fitted to your dog's neck size and using Big Dog Chains' patent pending and renowned closure system. All of the collars made by Big Dog Chains are manufactured by professional jewelers and rigorously tested.

The Neon pink dog collar has a large 1.25 inch width made of solid marine grade stainless steel. Our collars are guaranteed to never tarnish and last a lifetime This custom dog collar is a great choice and is specifically designed for large dogs.