SKU: Lonestar

If you’re looking for a big dog collar that stands apart from the rest, allow us to introduce you to the Lone Star. Among our sturdiest, most rugged designs is this luxury big dog collar. Built specifically for dogs whose neck sizes exceed 18 inches, the Lone Star features a Cuban link design in a matte finish and is like no dog collar you have encountered, and that’s fair because we believe your dog is just as one-of-a-kind and deserves a collar as unique and loyal as him.  

Like all of our collars, the 1.25 inch marine grade stainless steel links on the Lone Star are secured tight, but comfortably, by our patent pending Big Dog Clasp, guaranteed to last. What’s more is the custom fit, which eliminates the struggle of trying on numerous collars to find one that sits comfortably around your large dog’s neck. The Lone Star stands out from the pack.

Neck Diameter

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