We have to say it: this big dog collar is solid as a rock. We wouldn’t make a pun that bad unless we were serious. The BULLY is a big dog collar whose tenacious quality is matched with a suitable rock design on its stainless steel links. 


In the middle of its 1.25 stainless steel links is our patent pending Big Dog Clasp, guaranteed to keep the BULLY secure on your large breed dog like no other big dog collar. Designed with tough pups in mind by jewelers who know their craft and tested on big dogs for quality assurance, this collar is stylish and durable, custom fitted to your dog’s neck size and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

***Please note: though the products we carry are 100% natural and safe, we recommend before administering any products we carry to your dog ensure they are in good health and you have discussed with your veterinarian any pre-existing conditions whereby any of the ingredients contained may adversely affect your dogs health and well being. Lecka Canine Total Health accepts no responsibility or liability***

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