Gorilla Max Protein Powder


Gorilla Max: The #1 rated and canine performance supplement worldwide. Packed with 20g of protein per scoop and all of the key nutrients your dog needs to reach their full potential.

  • Builds Muscle, Boosts Health, & Promotes Growth
  • Ideal for packing on muscle and maximizing growth
  • Millions of probiotics in every scoop of Gorilla Max

  • Vet-Approved; 100% safe, no side effects, no mood changes



All breeds
Ages 12 weeks or older
Pregnant / nursing dogs
Combining with any diet

***Please note: though the products we carry are 100% natural and safe, we recommend before administering any products we carry to your dog ensure they are in good health and you have discussed with your veterinarian any pre-existing conditions whereby any of the ingredients contained may adversely affect your dogs health and well being. Lecka Canine Total Health accepts no responsibility or liability***

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