Beef Tripe Frozen Cubed 10 lb bag

Beef Tripe Frozen Cubed 10 lb bag


10 lbs aprox 4-6 oz cubed


Benfits of Green Beef Tripe

1 Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids for Dogs

Green tripe has the perfect ratio of fatty acids, which…

  • promotes skin and coat health (including helping the body deal with skin allergies)
  • promotes the body's natural anti-inflammatory response to help ease canine arthritis pain
  • helps dogs with inflammatory bowel disease
  • helps dogs with chronic yeast infections
  • improves eye health
  • slows the development of certain cancers


2. Natural Calcium Source for Dogs

As someone who is making my dogs' meals, I worry about our dogs receiving enough calcium.  I feed our dogs ground raw based on the BARF model of raw feeding.  Although they do get duck bones, most of the bones they eat are during the summer so they can devour them outside, under supervision.  I've tried to feed them on a tarp inside, but the dogs don't understand, so I need calcium from another source.

Half of the raw I purchase has ground bone included in the mix.  Not all of the raw meat has bone mixed in and this is when green tripe comes in handy.  I thaw a 5-pound chub and mix a hefty amount into our dogs' meals until the chub is gone.

It smells atrocious.


3. Natural Stool Softener for Dogs

If your dog is constipated, give him or her green tripe.  Of course, this may not work for all dogs, but it works for our dogs.


Tripe contains Digestive Enzymes for Dogs  a “Healthy Gut, Healthy Dog.”