POUNDS FOR PAWS 1 LB Course Ground Turkey w/Bone & Organ


Course Ground Turkey w/bone & organ 

Frozen Cubed 8 oz portions


Donate Just 1 lb or 10 lbs its completely up to you

We will be collecting donations and at the end of each month we will deliver what ever has been donated.

This raw will go directly to those pups in their care that require special diets due to allergies and skin conditions that they are so desperately trying to aid in.


Every LB counts so please do what you can

***Please note: though the products we carry are 100% natural and safe, we recommend before administering any products we carry to your dog ensure they are in good health and you have discussed with your veterinarian any pre-existing conditions whereby any of the ingredients contained may adversely affect your dogs health and well being. Lecka Canine Total Health accepts no responsibility or liability***

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