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We are working with Bullies in Need to ensure their pups in care are nolonger suffering with skin conditions and food allergies!

They need your help desperately!

Join our POUNDS FOR PAWS Program

Purchase 1 lb of our Oh' Natural Raw for just the price of a coffee

$ 2.00 

Donate only 1 lb or 10 lbs its up to you. Each lb will go to dogs who very much need it due to skin conditions and allergies who cannot otherwise eat kibble and have been trying to get healthy before being adopted into their new homes.

Choose between Chicken $ 2.00 lb or Turkey $ 2.50 lb. A variety is welcome as some dogs are allergic to Chicken and some are not.


Most people do not want to adopt dogs with skin issues and allergies that require constant care and harmful prescriptions. So we will be working with those that have these conditions to try and alleviate their issues naturally through diet. Bully Breeds already have a stigma unfortunately due to BSL. Lets help give them the best fighting chance! Donate now!

( You can donate either by credit card or e-transfer. If e-transfer please indicate and we will send you an invoice with instructions )

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For more information on this fantastic organization or their adoptable dogs please visit their website at